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Higher Education level programs

Bachelor Nurse Responsible for General Care

Please check the ects table for a detailled distribution of the program :

Context of the program :

The new program entitled Bachelor Nurse Responsible in General Care (previously known as Bachelor in  nurse care) proposes a learning of the nurse art through theoretical lessons as well as several internships organized in hospital context or non-hospital context.

The Nurse Responsible in General Care performs quality care services, based on  clinical judgment and  scientific research. He or she builds a relational approach while ensuring to promote the profession but fully respectful of the professional ethics.

At the CPSI, you will discover an education center with human size. We so maintain a convivial ambiance   all along learning and coaching activities.  Our pedagogic team is in place since several years. It is well anchored in the Health Sector. It has made the coaching of adults its expertise field. The team is able to propose you a reflexion on the realization of your training project: coaching, guidance, advices, support, VAE (enhanced recognition of experience outcomes), organizational flexibility for schedules of internships (concerted choice about time and location).

Included the ICT century, CPSI makes available to its students several interactive pedagogic tools (Moodle ® platform, Zora ® humanoid robot, …)

At the CPSI, you will meet motivated students and teachers. Our organizational operating mode, the modularity in particular, will let you obtain an certificate of achievement at the end of each successful learning unit. You will so have the possibility to organize your learning pathway and to keep then a professional activity in parallel with your education program. This context is particularly suitable in order to envisage a reorientation of carrier if yours is no longer satisfying !

This will to work in flexibility and listening to the students will allow you to envisage your education pathway with the best possible conditions … en route to an ensured success.

Health Manager / Rest Home Manager

According to the Belgian Royal Decree issued in 2006, the Health Manager (« Cadre de Santé ») is defined as an expert who participates to the integration of sanitary activities, which is entrusted to him among all the activities that he has to perform in a hospital or a rest/care home.

The successful completion gives the obtainment of a certificate recognized by the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels and Public Health. It corresponds to 75 ECTS. This allows the recognition of our formation in order to apply for a European mobility and/or a launch to University education programs.

In order to give the student the best possible skills to perform this management job, the education program proposes to develop two finalities with respect to ethical regulatory frameworks and rules :

  • Ability to organize a care unit with coordination of human resources and material capabilities of the department according to the orientations of the organization and the demands concerned by the care to the beneficiaries, in connection with the institutional policy.
  • Ability to collaborate to the management and to the development of the health policy of the professional structure wherein he achieves his task.

4 axes of skills are considered therein:

  • Management and Direction of human resources : to determine the qualitative and quantitative needs of his/her care unit – to settle and guarantee an ambiance suitable to the quality of the performances of his/her team – to ensure the development of skills, support and supervision of team members, ...
  • Management of logistic and material resources : to ensure the optimal management of rooms and material – to ensure the efficient management of  resources and budget of his/her department
  • Management and coordination of care activities : in narrow collaboration with partners and in order to offer a quality of care activities in his/her department – to promote the globalization of care activities to the patient in a multi-disciplined and actualized approach...
  • Management of communication, interpersonal relations, quality and change : to ensure a communication of quality by internal and external efficient transmissions and concertation processes – to contribute to the the research and development of quality, …

The learning program contains 8 teaching units (UE) :

  • 1 UE – elaboration of the learning project of the student
  • 4 UE – development of skills
  • 1 UE – internship
  • 1 UE – integration of the Health Manager function
  • 1 UE – issue and defense and publication of the integrated examination
Title of the teaching or internship Unit Amount of hours of teaching or internship Number of ECTS Teaching Unit Administrative Classification Teaching Sector Administrative Code Determining Unit
Elaboration of the learning project 50 5 SCPA 804  
Management of human resources in the health sector 167 15 SCPA 804 X
Title of the teaching or internship Unit Amount of hours of teaching or internship Number of ECTS Teaching Unit Administrative Classification Teaching Sector Administrative Code Determining Unit
Management of material ressources in health institutions 92 7 SCPA 804 X
Health care interface 150 14 SCPA 804  
Internship : Specialization as Health Manager 34 3 SCPA 804  
Title of the teaching or internship Unit Amount of hours of teaching or internship Number of ECTS Teaching Unit Administrative Classification Teaching Sector Administrative Code Determining Unit
Coordination of care activities 117 11 SCPA 804 X
Integration of the Health Manager function 84 10 SCPA 804 X
Integrated Examination 84 10 SCPA 804  

Please check ECTS table 

Please contact us for information about application for registration to this learning program or for any request about valorisation of achievments of experience (VAE).

Other learning programs

Our other learning programs are listed here. Please contact our secretariat if you want to obtain a detailed information. 

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  • Diabetology
  • Geriatrics
  • Mental health and psychiatry
  • Palliative care :
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  • Dental office assistant
  • Dietetics : dietary hypersensibility
  • Educator in diabetology
  • Specialized training for nurse in endoscopy
  • Adviser nurse in aesthetical nursing
  • Nurse specialized in sterilization of medico-surgical devices
  • Relay-nurse in wound care
  • Basics of informatics
  • Nutritherapy
  • Practitioner « student referent »
  • Referent « demency » 
  • Rhumatology
  • Ambulance Attendant concerned by medical-sanitary transportation
  • Auxiliary staff in sterilization of medical-surgical devices
  • Basic palliative care
  • Utilization of Essential Oils in private use