Student outgoing

The CPSI ensures the training of its mobility selected students, including a level control of language requested minimum ability ! In practice, the "Build your future" team will help you to build your Erasmus+ project

Any selected student is sensitized to habits and traditional customs of the welcoming country as well as of the usages of the partner institution. He is asked to draw up or to present a briefing about those aspects.

As announced, an upgrade of language skill is set up according to the demand of the partner institution and to the training which is selected  :

  •  either internally by the activation of guidance teaching unit
  •  or externally in a school specialized in teaching and upgrading of language acquiring skills.
  •  or by on-line training

The selection of tools are those which allow the evaluation of the progress of the candidate. The reference is : « Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ».

Our institution also planifies the organisation of thematic meetings, as videoconference when appropriate, gathering experts and teachers.

Note : for CPSI staff members aiming to go abroad within Erasmus+ mobility, please refer to the tab PERSONNEL

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