Personnel outgoing

The CPSI encourages its personnel to apply for mobility. To this aim, a call is displayed on its website. The candidacy procedure schedules an individualized interview as well as a meeting with peers who already have a mobility background. A verification of the language requested level is undertaken according to the requirements of the partner institution or entreprise considered by the candidate.

In order to encourage this mobility policy, a record of significative travels undertaken by some members of the staff in the Erasmus+ project is displayed on our website. Testimonies are drawn up as text or video clip displayed on screen in our patio or on our website or on social networks.

The CPSI highlights the maintain of professional and salary advantages for the mobility period.

The attestations of participation to mobilities are enclosed into the professional file of the staff member.

Personnel incoming

The mobility of staff members who are hosted at the CPSI for educative and training purposesis based on a mobility agreement validated in advance by the CPSI and the origin institution of the visitor.

A verification of the language skill level as requested in the inter-institutional agrement is processed within our institution. When appropriate, we ensure first to set up language upgrade teaching, second to make available some classrooms equipped with computers allowing on-line learning, and third a simulation situation in the sphere of extra-curricula activities with peers. As example, we can planify thematic meetings with peers and experts.

The CPSI ensures an equality of duties for incoming personnel member. It aims to integrate visitors into the everyday life of our institution.

The CPSI gives guidelines for the obtention of visas, insurances and accomodation.

The CPSI gives to mobility participants and to their origin institution a record of accomplished activities up to the end of their mobility period. A student satisfactory survey is joined to the record.